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Honor Code

The honor code of Capstone Project service

Under no circumstances do we engage in unfair play on our part, nor do we allow ourselves to be involved in fraud of any kind. We are not even remotely part of a fraud for personal gain.

We eliminate fraud in business

Our company follows an established security policy. We will never support fraud by any of our employees. If this happens, the necessary measures will be taken immediately and the person will be removed from our list of employees without the right to return. If you notice illegal activity, we ask that you report it right away.

We will never support illegal actions

Our staff does not support cheating on educational institutions. Never any online or any other exams will be completed by our experts, regardless of the reason why this situation might occur. Our honor codes essay absolutely does not support:
Illegal Aid
None of our experts will help with creating or providing any content obtained illegally.
Copyrights must be cited and someone else's work absolutely cannot be appropriated.
Personality Substitution
No person will impersonate another person for any purpose.

We Appeal to Users!

We make an effort to realize your academic goals and treat your needs with total understanding. Despite any problems or deadlines, we ask users to:

  • Make sure you don't use your cooperation with our company as a tool for illegal purposes.
  • Make sure you do not claim that the content received on our platform is created by you. This categorically violates copyright rules.

We talk to teachers and institutions

We promote your desire to maintain a high level of education in your schools, colleges, and institutes. Our job is to increase the quality of your studies and your desire to learn. If you notice any illegal behavior on the part of students, make sure you report it.

We address to the business

We are happy to help you develop professionally and achieve your personal goals. Develop your skills and help those in need. But remember, our company requires you to adhere to established policies in all respects.

  • Exclude activities that comprise you or our company.
  • Experts working on our platform cannot be seen or involved in fraud of any kind.

If you are a freelancer

You are free to work with our company to provide your exclusive services to those who need them. If you decide to become part of our team, make sure you:

  • You don't cheat educational institutions or provide improper writing services or any other services.
  • You don't support illegal initiatives by businesses and run your own clean operations.

Stick to the Honor Code Essay and Make Sure You don't do the Following

If any party is seen performing or supporting illegal activities, our company will stop supporting that person's activities and their account will be permanently deleted. Look below and check examples of activities that you cannot support or provide similar services under any circumstances.

  • Assist in creating and providing papers with fake financial statistics and all that goes along with it.
  • Doing any of the tasks for your customer, in case this task should be done by the customer himself personally.
  • Describing a person's false activities in their CV, resume, and cover letters.
  • Substituting the author's name and submitting someone else's work on your own behalf.
  • Assisting in the creation of documents that should have been issued by officials of the law or authorities.
  • Fraud of any kind, including: providing untruthful data, falsifying statistics or research materials.
If any of the above has been observed, we look forward to your cooperation and the fact that you will contact us to keep us informed.

Tell us about the infringement

We clearly set our honor code essay rules and expectations. The freelancers working with us are people of high moral character. Therefore, we support academic assistance for the purpose of everyone's personal development. In case you notice that something has gone wrong, we ask that you tell us about it as soon as possible.

Tell us exactly what happened?