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Capstone Project for STEM Strand

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The capstone project for the STEM strand is designed for technology, engineering, and math. This is necessary so that the student can think critically in the future. The teacher can suggest the topic for the project, or you can formulate it yourself. In order not to break your head, you should look on the Internet — they are often laid out by active teachers. But it is also possible to show imagination yourself. You can, for example, take a topic — the problems of quantum mechanics. And from a simple, let’s say, “The best ship model.”

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Preparation of a project at school, the pupil’s ability to present his work competently is the result of the new educational program requirements. In a new school, plans need to be performed on a computer. It is assumed that project activity reveals the ability to think and act creatively, forms independence in search of information and processing, and teaches to prepare a presentation and present it to the public.

Stages of work:

  1. Preparatory. Let’s define the theme and the goal. Planning. Find out what is needed for the project in the school, what sources of information we will work with, how we will collect and analyze it. We decide in what form we will present the results of the work.
  2. Research. We collect and specify the information. We carry out research tasks.
  3. Conclusions. We analyze the data, formulate conclusions. Decorating. Teachers of each particular educational institution put forward their requirements, how to do projects at school, and give samples of registration.

STEM capstone project ideas high school

The older the student, the more stringent requirements put forward on the content, quality, amount of information displayed in the project, and its design. STEM capstone project ideas in high school:

  1. Application on the generation of mazes for computer games.
  2. WEB service for building multi-dimensional polynomial regression by redundant description.
  3. Journey to new, better energy industry.
  4. The world’s largest solar power plant.
  5. Free energy source.
  6. Mathematical logic and its achievements.
  7. Mathematical reasoning and proof in mathematics.
  8. Mathematics in architecture. Plato body. Symmetry and harmony of the world around.
  9. Application of Excel table processor capabilities for cost calculation.
  10. Role of the population in energy saving.
  11. Money spent on mind development is never wasted.
  12. American depression and its impact on the world economy.
  13. The energy-independent school.
  14. Metalworking. Making a badge by casting.
  15. Research of model properties of different models of paper airplanes.

Stem capstone is a set of educational and cognitive techniques that allow students to solve a problem as a result of independent actions with the mandatory presentation of these results. And for the teacher, the learning project is an integrative didactic means of development, training, and education, which allows us to develop specific design skills. Problematization, goal setting, activity planning, reflection and self-analysis, presentation and self-presentation, as well as information retrieval, practical application of academic knowledge, self-learning, research, and creative activity.

STEM capstone project ideas for all students

Design and research work at school is a new, innovative method that combines educational and cognitive components, games, scientific, and creative. The main difference of such activity for the school is that students acquire research skills, which develops specific qualities of a unique way of thinking. STEM capstone project ideas:

  1. Our brain is a product of evolution.
  2. Only three years ago, there were very different expectations about technology, and many predicted “success stories” never became a reality.
  3. We’re between the Machine Rebellion and humanity’s chief helpers.
  4. Revolution — Fourth Industrial Revolution or First Economic Revolution?
  5. Our weakest place is not medicine, but education.
  6. Macroeconomic indicators are losing out to the realities of new life.
  7. What awaits us in the future?
  8. Natural resources, their classification, and economic assessment.
  9. The natural resources of the oceans.
  10. The origin of fossil coals — Energy.
  11. Information on the operation of the coal complex.
  12. Socio-economic geography.
  13. The subject and essence of science as a sphere of human activity.
  14. The process of scientific research, its characteristics, and the stages of its implementation.
  15. The concept of scientific information and its role in conducting scientific research.
  16. Methods of mathematical statistics in scientific research on physical education and sports.

General requirments

Project structure:

  • Title page. The full name of the educational institution is written at the top. In the middle of the title page, in the center, the word “Project” is written. Below, the title of the project is written in bold, large print. Beneath it, in the right corner, indicate who executed it: the name and surname of the pupil, the class. Then the leader: surname, first name, and patronymic. At the bottom, in the middle of the sheet, the city and the year of project implementation are written.
  • On the second sheet, the table of contents is placed.
  • Then there is the introduction. Here they prescribe goals and tasks. The main part. This part reveals the topic, you can write step by step: “In my work I started with…”, “Then I started with…”, “In my work, I faced such problems…”.
  • Conclusion.

Capstone topics for STEM:

  1. Peculiarities of formation of state and legal institutions in different peoples.
  2. The analysis of financial investments on the economic development of the country.
  3. The study of the current condition of the world market of derivative financial instruments.
  4. Problems and perspectives of financial investment development in the USA.
  5. Human impact on the biosphere and its results.
  6. Evolution of the relationship between man and the natural environment.
  7. Issues of rational use of agricultural lands.
  8. Alternative sources of energy, prospects of their development.
  9. Radioactive pollution of the situation and its results.
  10. Basic principles of economics of nature use.

It all starts with choosing a topic and understanding the final goal. It has to be clear, precise, and clear. For the work to progress quickly, the student should be interested in the topic. Otherwise, there will be no benefit to the project activity. In the presentation, the student reflects the main aspects of the project, fills it with graphics. Based on performance with text and pictures, it is much easier to convey thoughts to the audience. This presentation format is convenient for the speaker: the text’s critical phrases before your eyes do not let your thoughts run away, even if something is forgotten from excitement. We have provided many stem capstone ideas, use them to create a better project. 

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