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MSN Nursing Capstone Project Ideas from Experts

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An effective health education policy is an instrument of a strategic plan for the development of the health sector, as the quality of medical health care has a direct effect on the quality of healthcare provided to the population. The foundations of nursing education have already been laid. However, this area needs a radical practice tool for improvement.

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Nursing education is carried under the effect of innovative processes taking place in the health care system and is provided by nursing institutes. The period of study for the level of a certified nurse is 3 years, and after its obtaining, a woman may receive a bachelor’s degree level. The duration of education under the bachelor’s healthcare program is 3-4 years. For those who have decided to continue their studies in nursing and have obtained a bachelor’s healthcare degree, there is a so-called postgraduate education for a master’s degree in nursing. The training period is for 1-4 years. The implementation of a project is a necessary instrument for the successful mastering of the MSN program. MSN capstone project ideas for a woman are represented here. 

Data about the MSN Capstone Project

The MSN capstone project is the graduate student’s scholarly alternative to the thesis. For completion of this assignment, graduate students should conduct an academic project that reflects the integration of health theory and practice. The capstone paper is considered as an evidence-based activity of a woman and has a clearly defined effect.

MSN Capstone Ideas for Students

Below is a list of valuable MSN capstone ideas:

  • The program of prevention of spinal injuries in nurses;
  • The strategy of a healthcare nurse in the medical management of people with diabetes;
  • The role of a medical officer in the assessment of the quality of medical examination program allowing timely identification of any common disorder (hypertension disorder, spinal problems, etc.);
  • The strategy of a nurse in immunization of the population;
  • The strategy of a local healthcare nurse in the prevention of diabetes;
  • The role of a medical officer in assessing and improving the motivation of the population to lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid common cardiovascular diseases, as well as diabetes;
  • The strategy of the nurse in the treatment of a person with lung disease;
  • The role of a medical officer in the assessment of the development of the Health Center;
  • Nursing management of pneumonia;
  • Nursing management of diabetes and bronchial asthma;
  • Physiotherapy exercises as the practice tool in working with children with impaired health;
  • The strategy of a nurse in the prevention of exacerbations of chronic bronchitis;
  • The functions of an emergency nurse in the rehabilitation of patients with essential hypertension;
  • Medical assessment, and prevention of arterial hypotension disease as a practice tool of development and improvement of the quality of human life;
  • The role of a community nurse in the assessment and management of hypertension disease;
  • Problems of professional ethics of nurses;
  • Organization and implementation of nursing care in hospital and at home;
  • Organization of nursing support for rehabilitation work;
  • Features of the nursing work with children of the first year of life;
  • The role of a nurse in preparing patients for elective surgery;
  • Health management of chronic ischemic heart disease;
  • Physical rehabilitation as a key practice tool for osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine;
  • The work with pneumonia in young children;
  • The healthcare of patients with the acute coronary syndrome;
  • The role of an emergency nurse in the medical assessment of the effectiveness of rehabilitation of patients after myocardial infarction;
  • Massage as an important practice tool in the complex of rehabilitation measures for various diseases (an endocrine disorder, cardiovascular disorder, high blood pressure disorder, etc.);
  • Health management of patients with rheumatism;
  • The work of a nurse in increasing patient motivation for rational use of medical services;
  • Medical management of patients with infectious;
  • Nursing management of patients with viral hepatitis;
  • The strategy of a nurse in the provision of psychological assistance to a patient with HIV infection;
  • The development of teaching the principles of a healthy lifestyle for the adult population.

Requirements for the MSN Capstone Projects 

The structure of a nursing capstone paper must correspond to the approved plan. It is a practice tool that helps to streamline the student’s creative process. The project should include an introduction, several chapters, and a conclusion.

It is advisable to use the following research methods: observation, activity analysis method, information collection method. The work may involve the following types of research:

  • Empirical (interviewing patients/health workers);
  • Comparative analysis;
  • Biographical (analysis of medical records, medical documents).

The main part of the text document reflects the essence, methodology, solution of the main tasks in accordance with the assignment, and the main results of the work. It is drawn up in the form of text with attached graphs, tables, diagrams, and other materials illustrating the content of the work. The text should be carefully checked by the student. Work with a large number of uncorrected typos and spelling errors cannot be allowed for protection.

Therefore, we represented MSN education capstone project ideas and determined the requirements for writing a paper. If you need our help, don`t hesitate to contact us 24/7. Our experts will help you create a full project from scratch.

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