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Business Capstone Project Examples

Starting a new Food Truck Company

Miami FL food Truck Company is a restaurant that uses five food trucks to sell a variety of foods on its menu to the customers

Pages: 26
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Second part of the capstone project

Grey Global Group Inc. has been facing a lot of market challenges more so high competition rising form other companies

Pages: 6
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Paypal Outline

PayPal has been able to harness innovation and entrepreneurial prowess to create a sustainable business model as well as solve critical needs for the society

Pages: 5
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Organizational Operations and Strategies

The firm is a privately owned firm which is a member of the WWP plc. The firm faces enormous competition from various firms

Pages: 8
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MCDONALDS: How Many Minutes Does It Take To Eat A Happy Meal?

The current situation facing the manager at the New York City McDonald’s is rather unfortunate

Pages: 2
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