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Biology and Life Sciences Capstone Project Examples

The Capstone project is a standalone research study carried out by a student and aims to reveal the volume and depth of theoretical knowledge acquired during the study. The work is devoted to the consideration of a specific scientific or practical problem, which is new and relevant in terms of the current state of research, has obvious theoretical significance and actual value. Capstone project writing is what we know and do well.

If it is the first time you work on a capstone project, this task may puzzle you. It is specific. In guidelines, such assignments are considered close relatives to thesis papers, and their structure is similar in many aspects. However, there are discrepancies as well.

It is not rare that the project requirements appear contradictory and vague, leading you in the wrong direction. You lose time, energy, and get much more stress. Considering the value of this document for your overall score and future career, you have to be sure about this paper. Here, the time-tested approach would suit better. Refer to a capstone project sample.

How to craft a quality capstone project sample

There are a lot of capstone project ideas for high school. Lifehack is for those who prove the relevance of the study. The easiest way to formulate a justification is to answer the question: why should this problem be studied?

You’ll be cool if you can write about social and political relevance. For example, in the considered capstone proposal example, it is possible to specify responsibility as the factor of development of responsibility of pupils at language learning.

To give a qualitative justification for the relevance of the problem under study, follow this algorithm:

  • Analyze the degree of development of the problem, in theory, point out the insufficiently studied aspects.
  • Demonstrate the importance of the problem highlighted, justify the need to solve it in practice.
  • If the issue has already been put into practice, identify the gaps that need to be addressed.

A typical capstone project consists of several mandatory parts. An inexperienced researcher may easily get confused by the requirements of each of them. Doing the research itself is the most straightforward part. It is preparing the statements of the problem, statements of purpose, or literature overviews that often drive you mad. A ready sample is a reference that you may follow. You check the way your predecessors formulated their statements and do the same in your manner.

What a Quality Sample Capstone Paper Brings You

Our website has a robust collection of examples on many dozens of subjects. You may select the category and review the pieces present there. Choose the capstone paper sample that is closest to your research issue. Of course, you mustn’t copy it. It would be plagiarism that ruins both the particular assignment and your potential career. Another thing is getting a precise example of the structure.

It is immediately clear from capstone examples that a wide range of issues is being considered related to the definition of parameters of responsible behavior, ways and means of education of responsible attitude towards certain activities, and mechanisms of responsibility formation. “Write my capstone project” – a familiar request? Apply now and get a discount.

Refer Capstone project examples high school to succeed

Capstone topic examples:

  1. Features of tourism development and sightseeing objects of the USA.
  2. Emotional stress in teenagers.
  3. Probability theory in mathematics lessons.
  4. Formation of the concept of function in the course of high school mathematics.
  5. Models of cybercrimes.

Based on the topic, one can consider one capstone project, examples of high school. The function is one of the fundamental concepts of mathematics, and the functional idea is one of the determinants of school mathematics course development. The given project is devoted to the analysis of studying the concept of function in a school mathematics course. Its primary purpose is to reveal the critical points in the definition of this concept. It is necessary to pay special attention to schoolchildren when studying this topic, to prevent the formal assimilation of this concept.

Example of capstone project proposal basic elements

If the project typically involves writing a practical section, the introduction should formulate a hypothesis with which you approach the research. But when writing the actual part, you can get conclusions that disprove the theory. And what, all the work is written for nothing? It is impossible to write in conclusion — that our hypothesis was not confirmed, but nothing, a negative result is also a result. Example of a capstone project proposal:

  1. Organization of the Internet.
  2. Graphic images processing and viewing programs.
  3. Development of logical thinking of students in solving problems in the construction.
  4. The impact of physical exercise on the mental performance of students of secondary school age.
  5. The effect of the game on the level of school anxiety.

Capstone portfolio examples:

  1. There’s a problem.
  2. Relevance.
  3. Degree of study.
  4. Analysis of sources of primary information and scientific literature.
  5. Subject.
  6. Object.
  7. Hypothesis.
  8. Objective.
  9. Task.
  10. Methods of research.

Let’s look at capstone research project examples. In psychology, studies on anxiety are somewhat rare and fragmented. This is due to social reasons that did not encourage the analysis of phenomena that reflect a person’s perception of the surrounding reality as threatening and unstable. In recent decades, psychologists’ interest in the study of anxiety, including school anxiety, has increased significantly due to dramatic changes in society’s life, generating uncertainty about the future and, as a result, experiencing emotional tension and anxiety. And nowadays, in our country, stress is studied mainly within narrow limits of concrete problems (school, examination, competitive). A professional capstone project help is waiting for you, come on, make up your mind.

Capstone project report example

Capstone project reports an example student of 1 year of study in ecology on a capstone project.

Subject: “Ecological assessment of agricultural quality indicators of processing enterprises.

The program of work on the theme: “Environmental evaluation of agricultural quality indicators of processing enterprises.

Areas of work: research.

Specialization — “Environmental management and policy.”

Specialization — “Ecology and environmental protection” Jennifer Winslet 1st year of study at the Faculty of Ecology and Biotechnology, specialty ecology, and environmental protection.

  1. The objective of the research: to carry out an ecological assessment of the products according to their qualitative indicators.
  2. Objectives:

    • To conduct a scientific and patent search for modern research on the environmental evaluation of product quality indicators.
    • To study and describe the conditions, object, subject of research.
    • To carry out an ecological assessment of quality indicators of products produced in training and experimental farms.
    • Generalize the results obtained and establish correlations and mathematical-statistical processing.
    • Form conclusions and recommendations for production based on the obtained results.
  3. The object of the research-agricultural output, reporting documentation of enterprises of educational and experimental farms.
  4. The subject of research – technologies of growing and production of primary products.
  5. Place of study: educational – experimental farms.
  6. Methods: information-analytical, field, laboratory, mathematical-statistical.
  7. The work is carried out within the framework of research topics.

Contents of the work:

  1. To conduct a scientific and patent search for modern research on the environmental assessment of product quality indicators.
  2. Study and describe conditions, objects, subjects of study.
  3. Conduct an environmental assessment of product quality indicators, which are produced in training and experimental farms.
  4. Summarize the results obtained and establish correlations and mathematically – statistical processing.
  5. Based on the results to form conclusions and recommendations to production, write a paper.

Capstone questions examples

Knowing the text and understanding the research problem is key to proper job evaluation. As a rule, in the process of defense, teachers do not want to catch a student not knowing the material, their task is to find out how well a student understands the topic of work and is free to talk about it. Often the question is asked to give the student a higher grade. Capstone questions examples:

What volume should be in the capstone project?

Don’t think that if you write twice as much as you need, you will be delivered correctly. The primary purpose of writing the work is not tons of facts about the members, but to demonstrate the ability to think independently, analyze, and draw conclusions.

Does the project need verification?

Excess material, which does not improve the quality of research, does not contribute to new findings. Research should be in this form: only carefully selected facts, conclusions. So don’t be offended by the teacher when he or she demands that the job be cut. You can buy a capstone project, or order your custom capstone writing.

Capstone experience examples

On capstone experience examples, it can be argued that the justification of the relevance of the topic includes an analysis of the scientific literature used in writing the study. How voluminous this analysis should depend on the type of research, specialty, requirements. In some specialties, it is enough to mention in 1-2 paragraphs.

Capstone project ideas for middle school:

  1. Growing cacti at home.
  2. Is it possible to build the plant in a closed glass jar?
  3. Influence of kind and abusive words on the plant: An experiment.
  4. Impact of music on aquarium fish.
  5. Why do we need social media?
  6. What do mood gestures say?
  7. Politeness standards in different countries: what is familiar, and what are the differences?
  8. What do classmates think about the desire or unwillingness to learn?
  9. Youth jargon in the speech of modern schoolchildren.
  10. Why isn’t a new life born of every seed?
  11. The life and death of dinosaurs on planet Earth.
  12. Who adapts to the world around them?
  13. Why do whales float up to the surface and release a water fountain?
  14. Why do volcanoes erupt?
  15. Why is sea water salty?
  16. Healthy lifestyle.
  17. Chocolate is harmful or good.
  18. Arithmetic is the science of numbers.
  19. Types of water pollution and purification methods based on physical phenomena.
  20. Does coal dust affect plants in the steppe ecosystem?
  21. The impact of computer addiction on the performance of students in particular classes.
  22. Influence of mobile phones on the human body.
  23. GMO: significant progress or harm?
  24. House dust and its effect on the human body.

Learning from a suitable capstone project example is a worthy strategy. Unfortunately, it works if you have enough time to dedicate yourself to one more investigation. After you spent so many hours on your research, gathering the data and analyzing it, you must do the same to the samples of thematic documents.

Refer to a Capstone Project Example to Learn From the Best

The goal we set when collecting the papers into our library was to pick the successful samples only. Every example capstone project paper you will find here earned its writer the highest grade. Many of those papers added more value to resumes and helped the students obtain the jobs of their dreams. Most of these papers were created by the specialists of our writing team, order similar paper on the query “write my capstone paper” with a discount today!

The way out we recommend is getting professional help. In our company, you can consult the capstone writers on preparing your sample paper yourself. Also, you may hire performers. We take your research data and turn them into an accomplished capstone project example. Frequently, we even create those projects from scratch, doing the scientific research ourselves. Besides, you can order additional visual aids for the capstone project and even a presentation scenario.

If you prefer doing the job yourself and only need some direction – feel free to use the samples of all kinds of capstone projects. If you need more advanced support – let our specialists care about the research and writing processes. You may rely on our qualifications and be sure about the results.