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Psychology Capstone Project Examples

The Case of Hector

Hector has been described by his class teacher a talented boy. His character is recommendable even in an outside classroom set up

Pages: 7
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Pastoral Couples Family Life Challenges and Possible Interventions

The ordination of women established platform for the occurrence of dual-clergy or pastoral couples in which wives and husbands are both ordained ministers and work in ministry

Pages: 47
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Evaluating the Longevity of DMDD

The DSM-5 now recognizes DMDD (Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder) as a separate Childhood and adolescent diagnosis than Bipolar Disorder (BD)

Pages: 49
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The contributions of major psychologists

The history of psychology can be seen by looking at the lives of the great psychologists and critical thinkers to have ever lived

Pages: 8
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